3E SMART Platform

Energy, Empower, Enterprise - 3E SMART Platform for Access to Energy. This platform comprising of four major components - Mobile based ERP, Mobile money transaction, GPS monitoring and control and SMART SHS. This also creates an eco system with Solar Energy Promoter, Customer, Financial Institution (Bank) and Appliances from Rahimafrooz Solar.

3E SMART ERP Solution is fully web architected and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using internet ready devices like Laptop, Desktop, Tablet PC etc. It has also an Android interface which can be used from any android based Smartphone. The Solution has been developed to support the unique needs of the solar industry. 3E SMART ERP Systems has the unique capability to offer a Personalized Assembled Application that enables to comprehensively achieve and exceed the set objectives and future-proof the investments in Information Technology.


  1. Long term Cost Reduction
  2. Improve operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  3. Opportunity for Continuous Improvement and Decision
  4. Improve Performance, Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  5. Reduction in Inventory Cost by Optimum Stock Maintenance
  6. Optimum upkeep of the System through proactive vendor support and maintenance
  7. Remote monitoring and control of Overall Field Operations

Core Modules:

  1. Sales and Collection Module
  2. Inventory/Non-Inventory Module
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Accounting Module
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