3E SMART Platform

Key Dimensions:

  1. Identify potential customers
  2. Sales and booking
    1. Entry of down payment
    2. Notification of incentive to entrepreneurs
  3. Cash Management
    1. Preload purchase by entrepreneur using SMART Wallet
    2. Cash/Installment collection from customers
    3. Payment confirmation to customers
    4. Notification of incentive to entrepreneurs
  4. Tracking (GPS/barcode)
    1. Product tracking using barcode
    2. Customer house locator using GPS
    3. Employee/Entrepreneur/promoter movement tracking (GPS)
  5. Payment control for credit sales
    1. Utility control using Payment charge controller
    2. Customer pay code upon installment payment
    3. Pay-it-on device using pay code for different payment mode
  6. Automatic cash transaction management with commercial/agent bank
    1. SMART wallet integrated with commercial mobile bank server
    2. Automatic SMS notification to customer mobile number
  7. Customer information
    1. Data services
    2. Linked with Commercial bank data server (under preparation)
  8. Central monitoring and control centre
    1. Daily Progress Monitoring
    2. Daily inventory monitoring
    3. Daily cash flow monitoring
    4. Daily customers payment monitoring
    5. Daily human resource monitoring
      1. Joining
      2. Dropped out
      3. Salary disbursement
      4. Training
    6. Daily account transaction
    7. Periodic reporting