Rural Services Foundation

Rural Services Foundation


Improved Cooking Stove

RSF has entered into new area of energy saving sector called improved cook stove with the cooperation of GTZ. Goal is to modify the stoves to make them fuel efficient and provide them with a mechanism (eg chimney) to remove polutants from indoor environment.

Commercial/institutinal ICS

1. To reduce the in-door air polution.
2. TO improve the kitchen environment for supporting the mother and child health care program.
3. To protect de-forestration through improving the fuel efficiency of cooking stove.
4. To Reduce the Green House Effect.

Main Feature of the Improve Cooking Stove (ICS)

1. 50% Fuel saving.
2. Reduce the smoke and thus protect the in-door environment.
3. Thermally efficient so the tempreture of the kitchen remain comparetivly Low.
So far RSF has constracted 4,19,423 pcs ICS (Improved Cooking Stove) via IDCOL project and 2,500 pcs ICS plants via GTZ project till May, 2020.