Rural Services Foundation

Rural Services Foundation

Solar Home System Program:


Installation of SHS is one of the main activities of RSF. From its inception RSF has install 598,431 SHS by May, 2020 through its 82 Unit Offices under IDCOL, GTZ and RSF own financing program.

Small Solar Home System Pilot Program:

At present IDCOL is financing for 30 Wp and above size through REREDP Program, So lower income group into the renewable energy technology program. RSF has initiated the project with the financial support of GTZ. The project is speculated as pilot project to find out the sustainability. After successful implementation of the project, now it is incorporated into the IDCOL regular program.

Program Description:

The program is defined as pilot project to find out the potentiality of Small Solar Home System in rural areas. To facilitate the lower income group RSF has designed the small SHS (16Wp & 21Wp) with low power LED lighting device. Initially 200 small SHS under the pilot project and finally 700 SHS has been installed.

Mini SHS to Reach the Pro-poor:

Successful implementation of small SHS has inpired to take pilot initiative for finding the technical and economical scope and impact of mini SHS. With the financial support of GTZ, RSF is implementing the program at field level. Under the framwork of the project, RSF is installing 500 small solar home systems for the very low income group. The system is based on 7.5 Wp PV module with a 7.5 Ah rechargeable maintenance free battery and few small lighting devices. Main targeted users of the system are small grocery shop, small home business as well as small homein rural areas where there is no electricity. So far 500 has been installed.

Improved Cooking Stove:

RSF has entered into new area of energy saving sector called improved cook stove with the cooperation of GTZ. Goal is to modify the stoves to make them fuel efficient and provide them with a mechanism (eg chimney) to remove polutants from indoor environment.



1. To reduce the in-door air polution.
2. To improve the kitchen environment for supporting the mother and child health care program.
3. To protect de-forestration through improving the fuel efficiency of cooking stove.
4. To Reduce the Green House Effect.

Main Feature of the Improve Cooking Stove (ICS):

1. 50% Fuel saving.
2. Reduce the smoke and thus protect the in-door environment.
3. Thermally efficient so the tempreture of the kitchen remain comparetivly Low.
So far RSF has constracted 4,19,423 pcs ICS (Improved Cooking Stove) via IDCOL project and 2,500 pcs ICS plants via GTZ project till May, 2020.

Biogas Program of RSF:

In Bangladesh some privileged urban people have the facility to use the natural gas but the rural are using the biomass, firewood or cow dung in a conventional way and they are just burning it in presence of air and thus it create lot of smoke in the air and which is harmful for the health,specially for children and women.To address the issue and considering the local scenario RSF is working as CPO (Constructor Partner Organization) of IDCOL from 2006. So far RSF has installed 3,495 Biogas plants till May, 2020.

Commercial/institutinal Biogas:


1. RSF has signed an agreement with GTZ to implement the biogas plant construction
2. Under the agreement with GTZ to implement the biogas plant and 2 mason training program.
3. Significant of the project is its size.Its minimum size will be 6cubic meter which is beyond the IDCOL approved biogas plant so the people who need large or commercial type biogas they can be benifited from the project progress
4. RSF has arranged one mason training out of two and one commercial plant is under construction.
So far RSF has provided 1,497 AP Battery till May, 2020.

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