RSF, an initiative of Rahimafrooz, works in areas of environment, social and human development including community development, economic and social business development, renewable energy and education sector to support sustainable development of Bangladesh. RSF is a Partner Organization (PO) of IDCOL and highlights of its work mentioned below.

Installation of SHS (Solar Home System): One of the main activities of RSF. Since its inception in 2006, RSF has installed 598,423 SHS by February, 2018 through its 310-unit offices. These is being done through more than 300 hundred offices and around 1000 people deployed across the country.

TR/KABITA project: RSF is implementing TR/KABITA project across the country installing wide range of solar energy solutions including street lights, SHS and home appliances. RSF has installed 103,711 SHS, 37,711 Solar Street Light, 1,868 AC and 1,310 DC system under IDCOL TR-KABITA project. 

Construction of Biogas Plant: To address unavailability of natural gas in rural areas, RSF is working as on installation of Bio-Gas plant and till Dec, 2020 RSF has installed 4,094 large or commercial biogas plants.  RSF provides total solution of plant including after sales service.

Dissemination of ICS (Improved Cooking Stove): Mitigating in-door air pollution, improving kitchen environment for supporting mother and child health care, protecting de-forestation through improving the fuel efficiency of cooking stove and reducing Green House Effect- RSF has launched ICS program. Till Dec, 2020 RSF has constructed 5,00,900 pcs ICS via IDCOL project and 6,000 pcs ICS via GTZ project.

RSF Model School and College: With a view to providing quality education for under privileged children, RSF has set up a residential school and college in a calm, quiet and green environment of Kaludam village of Sajahanpur Upazilla of Bogra district. RSF Model School and College has a vast campus on 16 Bighas of land and is completely residential and free of cost for the deserving students. There are 302 students in the school at present.

Agent Banking: To bring the rural people in to the mainstream of national economy, under the Bangladesh Bank’s guideline of agent banking RSF is conducting banking activities as an agent of Social Islami Bank Limited (SIBL). Till February 2018, RSF has opened up 61 agent banking branches in different parts of Bangladesh.