Picture: Solar AC System setup

AC solar system is used as alternate electric source with main grid supply .

Solar AC system components:

    • Solar Panel
    • Charge Controller
    • Battery
    • Inverter
    • Wiring cable
    • AC Load


RSF provides the following AC systems:

    • AC 300 WP with Panel 150X2 WP-Battery 100AH (Inverter 600VA 12V)
    • AC 440 WP with Panel 150X3 WP-Battery 80X2 AH (Inverter 600VA 12V)
    • AC 500 WP with Panel 250X2 WP-Battery 100X2 AH (Inverter 850VA 24V)
    • AC 700 WP with Panel 350X2 WP-Battery 100X2 AH (Inverter 850VA 24V)
    • AC 800 WP with Panel 300X3 WP-Battery 130X2 AH (Inverter 850VA 24V)
    • AC 1000 WP with Panel 250X4 WP-Battery 85X4 AH (Inverter 1000VA 24V)
    • AC 1200 WP with Panel 300X4 WP-Battery 100X4 AH (Inverter 1500VA 24V)


For any AC system inquiry, please contact to 01755685555