Picture: Akash DTH with TV output


RSF signed an agreement with Beximco Communications Ltd to launch AKASH DTH. RSF is one of the sole distributor of AKASH DTH. RSF is making sales and installation of AKASH DTH across the country through it’s branch offices. Now almost 50 AKASH product have been installed to the customers.

To make DTH service more available for mass people of Bangladesh, AKASH has brought a new affordable full connection “AKASH Basic” for only BDT 3,999
The STB MRP of BDT 2,499 will be same for all subscriber groups (i.e. Employee, employee FnF, group employee) for AKASH BASIC STB.

Additionally, AKASH has brought to you a special recharge offer if you recharge at once for 6 or 12 months. Recharge for 6 months and get 1 month additional subscription completely FREE! Recharge for 12 months and get 2 months additional subscription completely FREE!

The minimum purchase amount needed to be eligible for EMI facility is BDT 5,000. As AKASH connection with AKASH BASIC STB is BDT 3,999, you will need to buy subscription with the connection to avail EMI facility.

Here are the 6 & 12 month EMI costs with applicable minimum required subscriptions for EMI:

6 month EMI Amount 12 month EMI Amount
1) Full AKASH Connection with AKASH BASIC STB + 2 Month AKASH Standard Package BDT 835 BDT 436
2) Full AKASH Connection with AKASH BASIC STB + 4 Month AKASH Lite Package BDT 870 BDT 454

Terms and Conditions

    • AKASH Basic package subscribers, will get 1 month and 2 months free subscription respectively if they recharge for 6 & 12 months at once.
    • Contact our helpline for any sort of support which is active 24/7! Our professional AKASH installers will be there at mutually agreed time with you.
    • A person can buy a maximum of 3 products with a single registered mobile number (RMN).


Table for Multi TV connections with AKASH BASIC STB:

1 Connection with Single LNB
2 Connections with Dual LNB 3 Connections with Quad LNB
Price in BDT 3,999 7,098 * 10,447 **

* To enjoy this price, two connections must be active simultaneously
** To enjoy this price, three connections must be active simultaneously


Pricing Differences Between AKASH Regular & AKASH Basic

MRP 4,499 * 3,999 **
Indoor Unit STB 2,999 * 2,499 **

Features & Functionalities:

  • The AKASH BASIC STB has all the features which are present in other AKASH Regular STBs, except Personal Video Recording (PVR) features like instant recording, schedule recording & live TV pause features.
  • Apart from the PVR features, all other features work exactly the same way as AKASH Regular STB.
  • Both the remotes will work with all the STBs of AKASH. But AKASH BASIC STB will have a new remote which has both functional & visual differences from the current RCU.
  • Since AKASH BASIC STB does not have PVR functionalities, the 4 colored buttons will not work as play/pause/fast forward/rewind. (Which works in other AKASH STBs during live TV pause mode and during recorded content playback).


For any Akash DTH inquiry, please contact to 01755685555