Established on: 2008


With a view to provide quality education for under privileged children, Rural Services Foundation, a not for profit organization licensed under section 28 of the companies act-1994-No.-C-645(33)/06 (RSF-section 3&12) has set up a residential school and college in a calm, quite and green environment of Kaludam village of Sajahanpur Upazilla of Bogra district. RSF Model School and College has a vast campus on 16 Bighas of land and is completely residential and free of cost for the under privileged students.

Following the rules and regulations of Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Curriculum (NCTB), RSF Model School and College started its functional activities from 2008. Initially, it started its journey with forty students in class One. Gradually, it will increase it’s curriculum up to class twelve following the rules and regulations of MOE.

We are living in an age of information and technology and the whole world has turned in to a global village. To match with the rapid globalization, the knowledge of English both verbal and written is inevitable. Considering the issue, we think that the initiative of establishing such type of institution is timely and age-appropriate. We firmly believe that students who enrolled in RSFMSC shall indeed be in the pioneer group in future in facing the challenge of the country with competence and courage. May Allah give us the opportunity to continue our efforts and our best wishes for the enrolled students in RSFMSC.

Governing Body RSF Model School and College Kaludam, Sajahanpur, Bogra.


RSF Model School and College is an idea of a group of nationally and internationally committed educationist and scholars with a view to lead the new generation towards moral height and academic excellence.


This handbook is designed to provide the first hand information about RSF Model School and College. By establishing this institution, the learned organizing body has taken a bold step to smash the monotonous traditional educational system of our country. The objective of RSF Model School and College aims to improve the overall development of the students by providing them practical knowledge beside bookish knowledge and mould them as a successful and efficient citizen of the country through discipline and self reliance. The RSF Model School and College also aims to approach an extra ordinary structure of education combining modern education system and technology with moral training and religious orientation. Hence, the institution vows to educate the children with modern science & technologies and environmental studies, so that they can shoulder the responsibilities of the nation.

Facilities available:

Suitable accommodation for all students.
Non-political and non-smoking environment.
Monitoring the overall progress of students through continuous evaluation.
Audio visual equipment in the classroom and computer lab facilities.
Availability of teaching aid materials.
Well stocked library with books and journals for different age group.
Arrangement of teaching the Arabic.
Arrangement of literary and cultural competition.
Regular health check up facilities for the students.
Availability of first aid facilities for the students.

Student’s eligibility:

Monthly income of the family is less than 4,500 taka.
Have cultivable land less than 50 decimal.
Have no ability to bear the education expanses and interested for their child education.
One child from one family.
Age should be between 6-7 years.
Height is up to 3’-10”.
Sound physical health.
Capable to enroll in class one.
Family noninvolvement with unlawful activities.
Final selection is subject to the approval of viva & medical board.

Uniform of student:

Students would wear navy blue half pant, sky blue shirt, black shoe, navy blueneck tie and white socks. There is also the institutional monogram in school dress.


Co-curricular activities:

Along with academic importance, RSFMSC gives importance on co-curricular activities like debate, recitation, story telling, extempore and observance of different national events. Inter class competition will be arranged regularly and students are encouraged to take part in the competition.

Tuition fees:

As the students are under privileged, so their educational expanses, food, medicine, lodging and clothing is provided by the organization..

Parents teachers meeting:

A parent teacher meeting is arranged at the end of each term. This enable the parents to meet the teachers in an academic year. In addition to this, parents may meet the principal in case of emergency, only with prior appointments.

Punishment for the offences:

There should be the provision of punishment for the students who will commit serious offenses but physical punishment is strictly prohibited. This would help the students to rectify themselves which in turn assists them to lead a disciplined and respectful life. Detentions will be given to students for breaking the institutional rules and regulations and for being careful in their studies in future.

Rules and regulations:

Parents are not allowed to enter in to the institution without prior appointment. Students must wear the school uniform during the school hour. At the beginning of each term, students should be accompanied by their legal guardian and would be handed over to their guardians after of each term. Students are not allowed to use mobile/telephone in the college campus. Students can communicate with their parents only through letter and letter would be scrutinized by concerned teacher. In case of complains, grievances or any sort of suggestions, parents may consult with the concerned class teacher or Principal of the college.


At present, there is one four storied decorated building with a big play ground and a big pond. Construction of five storied building is going on and yet to be accomplished within june’11. The premise of the institution is surrounded by a boundary wall of nine feet height. There is a master plan to construct other building complexes in future.